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The solutions provided by Agima do not come packaged and ready to use. With the requirement for minimal disturbance to your practise constantly at the forefront of our minds, we take satisfaction in swiftly recognising your difficulties and developing solutions to overcome them. Throughout Florida and around the country, we have been assisting businesses for more than 35 years. We are familiar with Florida's market, the healthcare environment, and the unique possibilities and problems associated with interventional pain management. All of the team members have graduate degrees in their fields and/or have worked in the medical industry for more than ten years. For our strategic approach to work, theory and practise must be combined.

About 70 years of practical problem-solving experience are behind our consultants as a group. Both the challenges and the solutions are many. For more than 30 years, Fran has worked in healthcare administration and delivery. Fran has established national plans for hospital chains and physician practises while working in the marketing and operations sectors of the healthcare industry. Along with having previously owned and operated her own Billing Coding Near Me business, Loida has over 28 years of expertise overseeing multispecialty practises with several locations. She is currently in charge of managing the whole Medical Billing Team at Agima. Andrew received his medical training as a physical therapist before focusing on medical billing and management. Because of this, he possesses the uncommon blend of "know how" for both invoicing and medicine.

The distinction between a good and bad patient experience may frequently be seen in how effectively a clinic is run. By letting you concentrate on what you do best—treating patients—combined Agima's experience managing practises spans more than 50 years. By generating patient referrals from new payors, including Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Auto, Private Pay, HMO and Managed Care, among others, Agima assists practises in diversifying their mix of payers. 30+ years of expertise managing the revenue cycle for orthopaedic and neurosurgery, interventional pain treatment, urgent care, primary care, and other specialties. We will get access to some of the most well-known research because of Agima's excellent partnerships with pharmaceutical firms. There are several additional specialities that can use these research in addition to orthopaedic and pain Management Health Office experts. Learn more. Visit us online at

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