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A value management health office can be invaluable in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of an institution.Agima medical management is a pioneering company in the field of healthcare management services and solutions.We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping in top of mind your practice's need for minimal disruption.Agima has over 50 years combined experience managing physician practices, including in Human resource management, Operation management, Physician and staff recruitment, and many more.Our services can help to reduce costs, improve outcome, and optimize the use or enterprise resources across the board.

We have been helping businesses for over 35 years both here in Florida and nationally. Agima has been helping practices grow their shares of workers compensation patients since 2009.Agima provides Work Comp Management Services including Work Comp contracting, and Work Comp marketing.Agima and its management team have over 30 years' medical billing experience.We provide professional billing services, as well as billing audits.We have strong experience billing for different specialities like Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Interventional Pain Management, Physical therapy, Internal Medicine & primary care and many more.

Combined, our consultants have over 70 years of hands-on problem solving expertise behind them.Our clinical research offers your practice a form of reliable reimbursement for taking part in clinical research studies.The added bonus is that your doctors will be contributing towards the growth and development of medical treatments. Every member of our team has an advanced degree in their field and/over 10 years of experience working in healthcare.If you have any queries regarding our services, please contact us.We will be happy to assist you.

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