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Agima's solutions don't come in a box that can just be plugged in and used. We take pleasure in being able to swiftly recognise your problems and provide solutions while always keeping in mind how little disturbance you require in your practise. For more than 35 years, both locally in Florida and throughout the country, we have assisted companies. We are familiar with the healthcare system, the Florida market, and the unique possibilities and difficulties posed by interventional pain management. Every member of our team has at least a doctorate in their discipline and at least ten years of experience working in the medical industry. To effectively implement our strategy, theory and practise must be combined. Our experts have a combined total of more than 70 years of practical experience in issue solutions. That is a lot of issues, and there are even more answers.

Management Health OfficeFran has over 30 years of experience Management Health Office and providing healthcare. Fran has established national plans for hospital chains and medical practises while working in the marketing and operations sectors of the healthcare industry. In addition to having previously ran her own billing business, Loida has over 28 years of management expertise in multispecialty clinics with several locations. The Medical Billing Coding Near Me - Team at Agima is now completely under her management. Prior to focusing on medical billing and management, Andrew was a physical therapist by training. He has that uncommon blend of 'know how' in both billing and medicine as a consequence.

As a physician, you undoubtedly already understand how crucial it is to have a capable "behind-the-scenes" crew to keep your practise running smoothly. A well-run practise may often make the difference between a happy and unhappy patient. The Agima management team has more than 50 years of combined experience managing doctor's offices, including in all of the following fields: Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Physician and Staff Recruitment, Practice Review, Scheduling Efficiencies, Scheduling Medical Records, and Vendor management. It's crucial that your practise get every dollar it is due to given that payers are progressively tightening their purse strings. It is one of a practice's most crucial elements since every practise requires a consistent and dependable cashflow in order to exist. Visit us online at

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